Tips to Keep Your Property Tick-Free

Ticks are one of the annoying summer pests no one wants, but that everyone seems to encounter at least once or twice. A common misconception shared by many is that ticks do not come out except in wooded areas. This leaves many people to think they’re in danger only on hiking trips or in certain areas. The truth is, ticks infest your lawn as well as other locations. If you want to protect yourself, family, and home against ticks, the following tips are some that can help.

Cut the Grass

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Tall grass gives tickets the perfect place to hide. If you keep the grass cut and nearly trimmed, it eliminates their hiding spots. It also enhances the appeal of your home and adds curb appeal to the place, so you cannot go wrong when you keep the landscape of your home beautifully trimmed.

Trim the Hedges

Along with keeping grass trimmed, it is important that you trim hedges and keep weeds out of the lawn. Ticks also hide in these spots and jump on their victims as they walk past. They’re especially dangerous to pets who spend lots of time outside. Keep the hedges trimmed and weeds pulled so this threat subsides.

Tick Repellent

Before heading outdoors for fun, be sure to use a tick repellent on your skin. Tick repellents contain ingredients that ticks do not like, which keeps them far, far away. They cost a few bucks each, sold at drug stores, and provide protection and peace of mind all summer long.

Hire the Experts

Did you know pest control companies offer general pest control and specialty services like residential tick control orange beach? Using professional exterminators is the best way to keep your home pest-free and tick-free all year long.