4 Tips for Wearing Dentures

If you have dentures, you want to make sure you care for them and maintain their functionality. However, are you really doing as much as you can to keep your dentures strong and functional? Let’s look at four tips you should keep in mind if you wear dentures.

Brush Daily

Even though dentures are not your actual teeth, you should still keep up with oral hygiene techniques and brush dentures on a daily basis. Without proper cleaning, dentures can become discolored and food particles may get stuck in them. Clean dentures with a mild soap or detergent under warm water. Do not use products that contain bleach, as these may cause damage to your dentures.

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Take Breaks

You may want to keep your fake teeth wilsonville in throughout the day and night, but this can actually be detrimental to your oral health. Experts recommend that dentures be taken out for at least 6 hours each day so that your gums can recover from the irritation they may have incurred throughout the day. When taking them out, store them in a water solution to keep them moist and properly shaped.

Soak them Daily

As mentioned above, dentures need to be soaked when they are taken out. Use a denture cleaning solution that has been approved by your dentist, as these remove plaque and other bacteria that may be trapped in your dentures. Make sure you follow soaking directions carefully to avoid damaging your dentures.

Dentures that are well taken care of will last for years and may need to be realigned less often. Take care of your dentures by brushing them on a daily basis, taking breaks from wearing them each day, and soaking them in a cleaning solution daily. This simple maintenance can keep your smile healthy and beautiful.